The World Wide Web is a big place, and there are billions of people using it every second of every day!

The nature of my work has made my name very public. Many fans are quite active on the web, and are enthusiastic about the work I've done. However, fans often post things on their sites that I'm not aware of. Most of these things are great, and I'm humbled and honored by them. But some might be considered offensive, vulgar, or even pornographic by people who're just doing a little web surfing. Hey, it's a free country. But because I have no control over that, I feel I must post the following:

Vic Mignogna and his official website, (hereafter collectively known as "Vic"), in no way condone nor endorse the content of other websites — whether it be written, audio, video, or other form herein unknown. Vic is not represented nor contracted by any other entity on the web, and does not lend his likeness, name, voice, or products to any other entity. It is understood by this clause that others on the web may use Vic's likeness, name, voice, or products in homage to Vic's work as an artist, actor, and celebrity under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. These First Amendment uses are in no way endorsed by Vic, and he is absolved of any and all responsibility for any use thereof now and forever.

What a mouthful! All that to say this: When you're surfing online and come across my name, I probably have nothing to do with the content of the website itself. Please know that, as a person of faith who wants to represent God well, I would never lend my name or image to something I thought would offend someone. So you can rest assured that I do not endorse it.

Have fun with your web surfing, and I hope you'll come by and visit often!

Vic Mignogna
1 Corinthians 9:19-27