Hi folks!

I know... it's been WAY TOO LONG since I have updated this section. I have no excuse, except the one about prison, and that's a lie. So let's get to it!


My Christmas CD is now available! Click here to get one!

I just released my long awaited Christmas CD! I've been asked to do one for years and always meant to, but the time always gets away from me. But it's finally done and available at The Risembool Rangers site in the store along with my other CDs. I also am putting the finishing touches on a second Selah CD. It'll be coming out very soon. Also there is yet another CD I am working on putting together. It's going to be a CD or club remixes of many of my songs!


I have been creating a  few commercials lately... one for a local business in Houston and the other for one of the best anime conventions out there, Sakuracon in Seattle. It features many of the local Houston Risembool Rangers as well as my dear friend and fellow voice actress Tiffany Grant. Be looking for it online! And after over a year of waiting I FINALLY got a new video camera! WOOHOO! It's the most amazing high definition camera out there! It inspires me to want to shoot more videos! I have also been working on DVD’s for a children’s educational video company called Rock N’ Learn. I‘m hoping to do more with them in the future. I’ve also recorded several short stories for an online children’s book site called Mightybook.com. 



OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB has been released. GO check it out.  I play Tamaki Suou.  I was cast to play a grizzly bear in a pilot for a new animated series! HE was so much fun! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the pilot gets picked up and the series takes off! I'm also working on several anime shows currently. Among them are Wallflower, Heroic Age, Darker Than Black, Ghosthunters, Stygma, Claymore, and of course Bleach. There are several more that I'm not permitted to talk about yet.... but they will be out soon. I did several video games months ago that should be finally be released sometime soon. I'm not allowed to talk about them yet. Video game companies are VERY serious about nondisclosures! Recently released are Disgaea III, Soul Calibur Legends, and I continue to get a kick out of signing Persona III games at cons. Junpei rocks!


I’m scheduled to appear at LOTS of conventions this year. To view my schedule, go to :


Come see me!

Graphic design consists of finding pictures of Travis Willingham (Roy Mustang) and defacing them in the most creative and humiliating way I can think of. And when not doing that, there are always a few business cards and logo’s to design.

Because of the dramatic increase in my obligations, I am currently taking a leave from leading music at Houston 's First Baptist Church. Serving God through music and inspiring others to do the same is one of my deepest passions and privileges. But God has opened a huge door of opportunity to share His love with tens of thousands at conventions around the world. So it would appear that is where my focus must be for the time being. But hey….every day can be worship!